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Saving Money - Saving The Earth

Not that we can save the entire planet with just our efforts, but we can do our part. And it's important! Not only does it serve global conservation, but it saves you money and time as you consume less power and don't have to recycle near the same amount of gear!

Run Your IT Environment

- With 90% Less Energy

Next time you change a light bulb, think about ClearBOX. At 55 watts, it draws a bit less than the bulbs in your office. But the server rack of today is a veritable candelabra of heat and power sucking hardware. ClearBOX lets you save a little green and make the world a bit more green at the same time.

Less Equipment

- Less Waste

As small businesses adopt the ClearBOX solution less materials will be wasted. That’s a big deal, especially considering that 50 million tons of E-Waste is generated every year and 75 million computers are dumped in landfills. ClearBOX saves space, energy, waste, money and the environment.


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