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Antispam Updates

Intro to Antispam Update

According to recent Google statistics, unsolicited commercial email or spam, represents over 94% of all email volume on the Internet. Antispam Update is a fundamental tool in reducing unwanted email for entering your email box. Using a variety of methods from blacklists to contextual assessment, Antispam Update keeps commercial unsolicited email from being processed or stored by your email server. Antispam update also keeps malicious email attempts known as phishing from getting into your inbox.

Benefits of Antispam Update

Antispam Update is essential. Without it, individual email volume would multiply 20x and email would be useless. Even a poor Antispam Update solution renders email useless because the email volume is too great to be efficiently used. ClearSDN Antispam Update are essential to maintaining function email service.

How Antispam Update Works

Antispam Update uses a variety of methods to detect and block unsolicited email. Blacklists use a known list of URLs and IP addresses that send unsolicited email. These are created based upon reports from users and known offenders to the 2003 CAN-SPAM Regulation. Unsolicited email focuses on a number of common topics from weight loss to mortgage refinance, thus contextual word search will reveal a likely offender remove it from your inbound email traffic. OCR (optical character recognition) can also scan html and other images for words to submit to the contextual word search. In addition, Anti-spam quarantine sets questionable email aside for user to review and accept as needed. Antispam Update requires regular ClearSDN update in order to remain effective.


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