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Internet Domain & DNS Services

Intro to Internet Domain & DNS Services

Internet Domain & DNS Services are critical to operating a secure and reliable IT environment. Services includes standard domain management as well as DNS record management across locations within the domain. DNS Services will also allow simple point and click configuration of cloud based services like Google Apps, Microsoft Hosted Exchange and more.

Benefits of Internet Domain & DNS Services

A domain is the primary address method for Internet and email traffic for your organization. Domain & DNS Services offer everything you need to maintain service. Dynamic DNS allows workers to move between offices, cloud based applications and networks and still use their same login information - a tremendous benefit to regional offices and distributed networks. With Mail/MX Backup, no mail is lost during upgrades or changes to your ClearOS system.

How Internet Domain & DNS Services Work

Internet Domain & DNS Service includes several functions critical domain management. Dynamic DNS maintains a list of authorized users across environments so that any application on the domain can authorize login from anywhere in the network. This is especially valuable when employees can use the same login for cloud based applications such as Google Apps or Microsoft Hosted Exchange. Mail/MX Backup maintains the routing information for your domain mail. As mail passes through the routing point, the router IP confirms the delivery to the destination. If the confirmation is not received, the mail is archived until the mail server comes back online. This is a valuable system if Internet service is interrupted, a server goes down or is off-line for maintenance or upgrade.


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