Service Delivery Network

Service Delivery Network

ClearSDN services are the power behind ClearOS. Many of the functions provided by ClearOS require software and content updates, monitoring, or cloud based services such as off-site server backup, dynamic DNS, etc. ClearSDN offers services in the following categories:  software updates, monitoring, software modules, and cloud-based services.

Software updates are the software improvements that may be available for your open source software.  You can subscribe to update the entire system or only the components you use.  Login to your ClearSDN account to configure the updates to drop automatically, or give you a notice that your software requires updates.  Using the ClearSDN software updating services, your applications will be constantly updated with the latest improvements, patches, and security updates to keep your server and gateway current and secure.

Through The Cloud Integrations
  • Centralized Google Apps Procurement & Management*

  • Much more to come!*

Gateway/Network Services
  • Gateway Antivirus/SPAM/Malware Updates (Proxy)
  • Gateway Antiphishing (Proxy)
  • Gateway Content Filter Updates
  • Gateway IDS/IPS Updates
  • Gateway Protocol Filter Updates
  • Bandwidth Monitoring (ISP)
  • Port Monitor
  • Resource Monitor
  • Security Audit
  • DynamicDNS
  • Managed VPN Services (site-to-site)
Server Services
  • System Monitor
  • File Server Antivirus (Files)
  • Mail Server Antivirus (Local Mail)
  • Remote Backup
  • ClearSDN | In-The-Cloud Services
  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Transfer
  • Domain Renewal
  • DNS Service
  • Internet Tool Kit (DNS Stuff)*
Directory Services
  • Outlook Connector  (Toltec)
  • PC Management*

Platform Services

  • Centralized Billing Platform
  • Centralized Device Management Platform
  • Centralized DNS Management
  • Centralized Procurement Platform
  • ClearOS Hardware Monitor Service*

ClearOS Modules
  • Advanced Firewall Module
  • AntiSPAM Module
  • AntiSPAM Quarantine Module
  • Antivirus Module
  • Bandwidth Manager & Limiter Module
  • Caching Name Server Module
  • Content Filtering Module
  • Directory Services Module
  • Firewall - DMZ & 1-to-1 NAT Module
  • Firewall - Gateway Module
  • Firewall - Peer-To-Peer Module
  • Flexshare Centralized Storage Module
  • FTP/S Server Module
  • IPSec VPN Module
  • Mail Drop Module
  • Mail - IMAP/POP Server Module
  • Multi-WAN Module
  • MySQL Database Server Module
  • Network Toolkit Module
  • Network Tools & Configuration Module
  • OpenVPN Module
  • PHP Module
  • PPP Module
  • PPTP VPN Server Module
  • Print Server Module
  • SSL Certificates Module
  • Status Information Module
  • System Statistics Module
  • Web Access Module
  • Web Log File Analyzer Module
  • Web Proxy Server Module
  • Web Server Module
  • Windows Networks & File Sharing Module
  • Software Modules | Security & Bug Fix Updates (No Upgrades)
  • Remote Config Backup (Optional)
  • AD Web Authentication Module* and many more.