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Active Directory Connector

Active Directory & ClearOS

With Active Directory Connector you can sync your ClearOS Professional directory with Active Directory. Your data will be replicated to ClearOS on the fly whenever you make changes to your Windows Server.

Users, Groups & Passwords

Active Directory Connector keeps all of your user, group & password data continuously duplicated on your ClearOS Professional machine. ClearOS Professional supplements your Windows Server with ease.

Sync Across Apps

Your ClearOS Professional Apps will be dynamically updated with any changes from your Windows Server.

Any app using groups, users or passwords will be automatically synced.

ClearOS & Windows Server Working Together Seamlessly

Active Directory Connector makes your ClearOS Professional device a powerful companion to your Windows Server. Use ClearOS as a gateway device or supplement your Windows network with any of the extensive server, network & gateway features in ClearOS.

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