IT Just Got Way Too Easy

Marketplace delivers powerful cloud apps and services at the click of a button. Quickly find and install the apps your system needs.

With Marketplace, ClearOS Professional is a complete platform you can depend on for years to come.

Finding Apps Is A Cinch

Search by keyword or filter by category, cost, install status or date.

Effortless Installs

Simple one click install. Apps will be active in seconds.

Management In Batches

Marketplace provides one place to find, install and manage your apps. manage them one at a time or do your work in batches.

Dig Down

Each app in the Marketplace is fully documented. Read detailed descriptions, reviews and version information. Ensure each app you install is up to par for your network.

Endless Possibilities

Marketplace brings the reality of limitless options to the ClearOS Professional platform. Marketplace is the bridge between hardware, apps and services.

Start managing your IT environment with the same simplicity and precision that you get from the smartphone in your pocket.

Apps For Your IT Infrastructure

With the Marketplace you’ll find apps for every piece of your IT environment. The Marketplace provides apps that can be added to the server, network, gateway or system of your ClearOS Professional installation.

And with an ever growing list of available apps you won’t have to worry about finding solutions as you scale your business.

3rd Party Developers Welcome

Marketplace invites 3rd party developers to join our party. We’ve made it easy for anyone to create premium apps, paid apps or free apps.

Add to the many community created applications ClearOS utilizes or make some money as a Marketplace developer.

Premium Apps For ClearOS

You want the name brand software but can’t afford the expensive hardware and setup fees that surround them. Markeptlace has that problem figured out.

Now you can access some of the best local or cloud apps & services with ease. Marketplace allows one-click access to premium apps. Just one more reason ClearOS Professional will be the last IT platform you’ll ever need.

Paid Apps

Independent Developers are free to sell their apps in the Marketplace. This is a win win for developers and users.

Free Apps

ClearOS Professional has open source roots. We know the value of free tools, and so does the community of active developers that support ClearOS.

A Great Foundation

ClearOS Professional is built upon the world’s most widely adopted open source network, server, gateway platform for SMBs. Hundreds of thousands of registered systems doesn’t come without some benefits, including an active development community of over 30,000 and growing. With such a strong foundation and so much interest from premium software vendors, Marketplace is a solid platform to build your IT upon.

Become A Marketplace Developer

ClearCenter is gearing up to build a thriving developer community. Stay tuned to learn how you can get your apps in the Marketplace.