ClearBOX | Smart Access Point

The ClearBOX | Smart Access Point will help you safeguard your family or school from objectionable websites, and keep productivity high by blocking time-wasting sites at the workplace.

  • Use the ClearBOX | Smart Access Point to block your clients from browsing to objectionable websites, based on three policy categories: Relaxed, Medium, and Strict.
  • You can set content filtering policies on a per-LAN basis - this means you can filter both WiFi SSIDs and wired network ports! You can also run both filtered and unfiltered networks, on the same Access Point.
  • Your ClearAP will send notification emails to the configured admins when a client attempts to access a blocked domain. This allows administrators to take action if required.
  • Are we missing a domain? It's easy to suggest new domains to add to the public blacklists!
  • Run up-to 200 concurrent users per access point.

Hardware, Software and Services are included with every Smart Access Point. Choose your Support and Term below: